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IB Summer Projects 2019: Physics

This guide is intended for rising grade 11 students entering the IB Diploma Programme.


Below, you will find the handout containing the story and questions you need to complete:


Dear Grade 11 Physics Students,
Congratulations on your decision to take part in IBDP Physics! Also, congratulations for the EASIEST summer holiday assignment ever! You will selfstudy two objectives (projectile motion and momentum and impulse) from Topic 2 Mechanics so that you can be successful starting from day one in grade 11. The following document will tell you exactly what you need to cover for your self-study and 9 practice problems and answers. To test your knowledge, you will have a quiz on the first day of class on these two objectives  Side note: If you have access to the online textbook, Kognity, read sections 2.1.4 (projectile motion) and 2.4 (all of momentum and impulse) Happy learning and studying!
Much love, Your physics teachers
Please read the portions of the physics guide relevant to the two objectives of projectile motion and momentum and impulse in the attached document. There are nine practice problems and the correct answers in the file as well. You will need to apply these skills and knowledge once you come back in the fall as you will have a quiz the first day back J. It will cover forces, motion, projectile motion, and momentum and impulse.