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IB Summer Projects 2019: Visual Art

This guide is intended for rising grade 11 students entering the IB Diploma Programme.


Rising Grade 11

Visual Art

Visit an art exhibition at a museum or gallery and gather information and photographic documentation (include a photo of yourself with the work to verify your presence). Reflect on what you have seen. What artworks stood out for you? Inquire about them. How are the artworks placed within the space? What connections or relationships can be observed between the artworks? Based on what you have observed, are there any elements that you can incorporate into your own art-making practice? Write a 400-500 word reflection that considers and artistic choices such as:

· Composition

· Use of space

· Concepts or themes

· Formal qualities like line, shape, contrast or color

· Curation (the relationships between works)

How does the show make you feel? What impact does it have on you and how was this impact created? Feel free to write a response that is both personal as well as critical. You can find the list of what’s coming up in Shanghai online.