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IB Summer Projects 2019: TOK

This guide is intended for rising grade 11 students entering the IB Diploma Programme.


Below you will find links to the films that are viewable on iQiYi with a VIP account:


Summer Task for ToK 

Dear students, 

In September you would be introduced to the exciting world of Theory of Knowledge. In order to get head start we want you to: 


Watch and enjoy any two of the three films, Vantage PointDead Poet's Society and Inception. 


Task 1 

While watching these films, pause the video at regular intervals and note down  thought-provoking scenes by transcribing the dialogue for the scene—some of these scenes could be about ideas you strongly agree with and a few scenes that made you think or question. 


Task 2- Post watching 

After having watched the films express your opinions about at least 2 of the following questions: 

  1. What are stereotypes? What leads to their creation? 

  1. How are perspectives generated? 

  1. According to you what is the definition of "knowledge"? Is it possible to use it as a synonym for education? Why or why not? 

  1. What do you think is more powerful--imagination or memory? Why?