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IB Summer Projects 2019: CAS

This guide is intended for rising grade 11 students entering the IB Diploma Programme.


Navigate to the ManageBac website to access the CAS area to record your reflections, evidence, and outcomes.


Students are welcome to start working on fulfilling their CAS requirements during the summer. Students will be assigned their CAS advisor when they return at the end of August and will be able to record their CAS on their ManageBac.

If you do choose to start your CAS, it is important for you record what you have done. This can be a log, pictures, a video or any other method that works for the type of activity you have done.

To get you started Ms. Tan has prepared a list of activities for you to choose from. Pick any activities from the list below.
Follow the same method of preparation and reflection for your CAS project as you have done for the Nanjing Trip.
Deadline: 15 September 2018
CAS Summer Programme
1. Photo-A-Day Challenge
You must create a Instagram, blogspot blog, scrapbook or any other digital platform where you collect the photos that you take. You must write comments on at least 10 photos about why you took that photo or what you liked/didn't like about the photo. YOU MUST TAKE at least 1 photo EVERY DAY for 30 days!
Pick any subject that interests you or think of a subject that relates to global issues like climate change/ trade free zone/ nuclear proliferation/ fishing etc.
If you are going for a summer programme, you can create a photo-series that ‘scream’ about the highlight of your learning journey. It can be about the school, the programme, the culture, the ‘vibe’ of the school or anything that you think deserves your attention. Similarly, you must write comments on at least 10 photos about why you took that photo or what you liked/didn't like about the photo. YOU MUST TAKE at least 1 photo EVERY DAY for the entire summer programme! Create a Video - In order for this to be a CAS project, you have to improve your video editing skills and stretch yourself creatively. Pick and research on any topic/issues that interests you and create a 3-5 minutes short video.
2. Fitness /Traveling/ Fashion/ Baking/ Cooking Blog
Start a cooking blog and set a goal for how many posts you do. For example, you could set your goal of cooking 4 things and writing a blog post for each item that you cook. You should research a few cooking blogs to see different styles. You could look up recipes of foods that you want to cook and then post pictures of the cooking process and the finished product along with commentary on how you cooked it. You could ask a parent or other family member to teach you to cook some foods and document the experience with photos and commentary. You can look up some great cooking blogs to give you inspiration.
And some of my personal favorites: Here is some general advice and tips of taking pics of food:
3. Online summer courses
You can go online and take up interesting courses that is not offered in our school such as languages/ philosophy/ computer programming/ food nutrition/ music technology/ food engineering/ accounting etc. In order for this to be a CAS experience, you must engage in a course that you are not offering as your IB course in Grade 11. You need to be clear about your learning objectives and how you have developed or increased expertise in various abilities or skills. You can create a poster to promote the course or write a blog to reflect on your learning, evaluate the course and introduce it your juniors.
Kaplan/ Harvard online courses
4. Pick up a new hobby
Is there something you wish you knew how to do it? Singing? Ballroom dancing? Salsa? Oil painting? Fishing? Learning a new instrument? Self-defence techniques? Reading? Gardening? Calligraphy? Karate? Akido? Lacrosse? Walkathon? Golf?


If you have questions about what can count as CAS, please message Ms. Tan, the CAS Coordinator.