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IB Summer Projects 2019: History

This guide is intended for rising grade 11 students entering the IB Diploma Programme.

Welcome to DP History!

Dear all, 

Welcome to DP History SL! 

In the first semester, we will learn the first case study Japanese Expansion in East Asia (1931-1941) the prescribed subject The Move to Global War. 


This summer I hope you can discover The impact of nationalism and militarism on Japan's foreign policy: the origins, 1853-1930. There are three tasks you can find the detailed instruction in the next three pages.  


For task one and two, please answer questions and send to me by email before 24th August. For task three, you can either send electronic copy to me by email or give me the paper copy before 28th when you come to school. 


The file name should be “Chinese name-English name-Summer homework”. 


My email is 

Hope you will have a happy summer vacation with history! 


                                                        -Mr. Dai


Course companion Keely Rogers, Jo Thomas, The Move to Global War, Oxford University Press, 2015.

Examples of timelines and mind-maps.


Task One:  


What is the message of this 19th Century cartoon regarding events in China? 


  • which countries are represented by which animals - this is always useful to know! 

  • what the cartoonist is saying about China 

  • which countries are most in conflict over China 

  • the role of the United States 

  • what point the cartoonist is making about Japan 

 It is important to look at events in Japan before this time in order to understand why Japan acts as it does in the 1930s. The first task starts in 1900: if you want to go further back to understand Japan's modernization before this time, watch the video on Meiji Restoration.


Task Two: 

Watch the first 25 minutes of the "The Rise and Fall of the Japanese Empire " video which explores Japan's quest for Empire from 1900 through archival footage. 

 Answer these questions as you watch the video: 

  • What was the impact of the Russo- Japanese War of 1905? 

  • What were the aims of the Siberian Expedition? 

  • What actions did Japan take in Korea after 1924? 

  • Make a note of traditional practices that existed in Japan in the 1920s and make a note of ‘modern’ or ‘western’ influences. Why was there conflict between the modern and the traditional? 

  • Why did conflict start developing with the USA? 

  • What evidence is shown of growing nationalism? 

  • What evidence is there of the growing independence of the army? 


Task Three: Mind map  

Your aim is to create a mind map or other infographic to show the state of Japan in 1931. You should make this colorful and informative; include maps/cartoons or any other visuals that you think are appropriate. You can work in pairs. 

Use can the video above as your starting point but you will need to do extra research.  

Your mind map should show the following: 

  • The strategic and economic concerns of Japan by 1931 

  • The relationship with the West 

  • Japan’s political situation 

  • Japan’s relationship with China 

  • Role of the army 

Make sure you consider: 

  • Impact of the first Sino-Japanese War of 1894 

  • Impact of the Russo-Japanese War of 1904 - 05 

  • The impact of the First World War 

  • The Washington Treaty System 

  • The US policy on Japanese immigration to the US 

  • Impact of the Wall Street Crash 

  • Political instability in China