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IB Summer Projects 2019: English B

This guide is intended for rising grade 11 students entering the IB Diploma Programme.



You can watch the following films with a VIP account to iQiYi:


• Patchwork - Ellen Banda-Aaku

• Life of Pi - Yann Martel

• The Messenger - Markus Zusak

• The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time - Mark Haddon

• The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian - Sherman Alexie


G11 English B Holiday Homework Summer 2019

1. Complete a FULL SAT test on Khan Academy
o This will open up a wealth of extra practice materials and tips
o We will refer to this throughout G11 and ask you to complete tasks

2. Read at least ONE novel set in an Anglophone (English-speaking) culture from a choice of 3 (See options under resources)
o You will need to either buy a copy of the book or find an e-version on your own (try Taobao or Amazon)

3. Watch at least ONE movie/documentary from another Anglophone culture from a choice of 5
o No Chinese subtitles! English ones are ok if you need them but try to use them to learn new vocab
o Eventually, your aim should be to try watching without
o The 5 cultures represented here are Australia, India, Zambia, UK, and the USA. We will be exploring Australia, India, and Zambia in more detail in G11

4. Record a 90 second video in which you introduce yourself to your new teacher and answer 1 of the questions below about the Anglophone culture(s) you have learned about in the movie or the novel.
o Record the video using your phone/laptop/camera
o In the 1st week of term (when you have been placed in a class) you will be able to upload the video to Microsoft video and share the link to your class on Canvas. You will be sent the link on Managebac. If you don’t get sent a link then bring the video to class in the first week.
o How will I be assessed?
▪ By your teacher watching your videos and making their own introductory video to the class
▪ Aim to introduce yourself and make a connection to an aspect of the book/movie – show how much of an Inquirer you are!

5. Add 100 new words/phrases from the book and movie to your Vocab Table
o Make sure you write YOUR OWN example sentences, not copied from online dictionaries. Include names of friends, teachers, celebrities to make it unique and memorable to you.
o How will I be assessed?
▪ Checked in class during first few weeks of term
▪ Score out of 10 on Managebac for completion

6. Write a diary entry imagining a trip to any of these cultures
o This will go in your Anglophone Scrapbook (Project 1 in G11)
o This will be part of your ongoing assessment in G11 so make sure it’s your best work!
o Use this as your prompt:
You have just reached the end of your first week of vacation in an English-speaking culture (Australia, India, Zambia, UK, or US). You are amazed and impressed by the wonderful customs and traditions of the culture. Write a diary entry in which you reflect on your first impressions and compare and contrast these customs and traditions with those in China.
Write 450-600 words.
o How will I be assessed?
▪ Uploaded to Managebac
▪ Checked at start of term and assessed in your Anglophone Scrapbook that you will be making throughout the semester
▪ Language strengths and weaknesses will be addressed throughout the project. Make sure you use your Correction Journal to ensure your language is as accurate as possible

Questions to answer in your video intro (Choose ONE)

DO NOT WRITE A SCRIPT! It makes you sound like a robot and we don’t like teaching robots. Don’t worry about making mistakes with vocabulary or grammar; just show us your personality!

1. What surprised you about the culture in either the book or the movie?

2. What would you like to know more about either of the cultures?

3. With reference to your own experience, to what extent are stereotypes of a culture harmful?

4. With reference to your own hobbies and interests, to what extent can the food/music/art/fashion etc. of a culture tell us something about its history and even the values of the people who live in it?

5. With reference to your own experience, what similarities between these cultures and Chinese culture did you observe?

6. If you could go on vacation/holiday to either of these cultures, which one would it be and why?

7. To what extent could you identify with any of the characters in either the book or the movie? In other words, which characters are most like you?

8. What themes did you observe in the book or movie that relate to an experience in your own life?

9. If you were in the same situation as one of the characters, what would you do?

10. Did this book/movie remind you of any other books you’ve read or movies you’ve seen?