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Intro to Documentary Project

Where do I begin with this video project? 

Here are some resources to help get you started!

Assignment Instructions

Crash Course – Chemical Compounds: A Chemistry Research Group Project


In Unit 2 Elements and Compounds, we have covered the concept of compounds are substances made up of two or more different types of atoms chemically bonded together. The discovery and use of many different chemical compounds has made a large impact in our world from fighting battles, to fighting diseases.  Their importance spans all aspects of our lives including what we eat, how we dress and care for ourselves, our transportation and even the way we communicate.



  • To research a chemical compound that has made a meaningful impact in the world.  The areas of focus are limited to properties, history, application and impact to the world
  • To practice academic honesty and present citation in MLA8 format
  • To incorporate ICT (information and communication technology) into a group project
  • To self-reflect on contents learnt and skills developed in this project


Compound Categories

Each G10 CHM teacher will randomly select compounds from all 4 categories for the teams to draw from a hat.


Drug Category 

Compound learnt in G10

Compound you might have heard off

Everyday Compounds

  • Penicillin
  • Opium
  • Aspirin
  • Morphine
  • Acetaminophen
  • sodium chloride 
  • potassium nitrate)
  • sodium hydroxide
  • sulfuric acid
  • TNT
  • Polyethylene
  • Teflon
  • Kevlar
  • Caffeine
  • Nicotine
  • Sodium stearate
  • Ethanol
  • Silicon dioxide
  • Rubber
  • Glycerin



  1. Each class is divided into groups of 3 (no more than 4).  To ensure students gain the most out of this project, content researched will be presented by one other teammate in the video as shown in the duty table below:



Student 1

Student 2

Student 3 (4)

Student name




Research focus

Properties and History




(dialogue in the script)


Properties and History



  1. Attend three library support sessions and carry out a group research on your selected compound


  1. Write a script for your educational video as a group.  Refer to page 2-3 for the video content

       check list and a script template


  1. Create and post a (no more than) 5-minute “compound crash course” video onto

       QD’s G10 chemistry moodle page


  1. Watch 3 assigned videos and complete a post project reflection form

       [no more than 300 words]


Each team is assigned to a video viewer group, circle your compound from the

table below

Opium, NaCl, Teflon, Rubber

Morphine, H2SO4, Kevlar, Ethanol




Project Requirements


  1. About the video


no more than 5 minutes long [point deduction if it is longer]  


MP4,  File name:  Class_Group#_Compound  [eg  CHM2_GP3_Teflon.mp4]    

[point deduction: incorrect file name]


Group members [student 1-3] must carry out the assigned tasks according to the duty table given on page 1

Essential Element


  • Produce a script and the video must have voice over/person talking in it (cannot just be text)  
  • Sources cited at the end of the video using MLA8 format [minimum of 3 sources]

IB learning profile


QD 7 virtues

Be a risk taker

Demonstrate creativity in creating a video that is both educational and enjoyable to watch




  1. Content of the video (this is what you need to RESEARCH and the foundation to your video script)

Student 1:




  • State the chemical formula and include a structural formula of the compound 
  • Describe its unique physical and chemical properties

For instance, Molar Mass /   Melting and Boiling Point / Density / Solubility in water


[Tips: simply stating the physical properties of the compound would only be considered as satisfactory.  To be in the upper band, demonstrate the ability to communicate information effectively is required]


  • Discovery
  • Timeline of use and for what purpose
  • Where this compound is found in nature or how it is prepared synthetically


Student 2 and 3:




Identify useful applications of the molecule

  • Who uses it?
  • How is it used?

Impact on our world


Explain how this compound has made an impact on our world

[discussion must cover minimum of two categories listed below]

                         Environment     /  Society     /     Economy      /   Technology



Applications and impact to the society should be interconnected.  To be in the upper band, students are to demonstrate the ability to combine knowledge, understanding and skills to create a product.  It is about the quality of your work, not the quantity]


  1. Peer evaluation and Post Project Reflection
  • Post MP4 video on Moodle in the assigned location
  • Watch three other videos based on the video viewer list given [you may choose to watch more videos but you MUST watch the ones that were assigned to you]
  • Peer-evaluate each video you have watched.  Provide constructive feedback including one highlight and one suggestion for improvement
  • Complete a post project reflection [no more than 300 words]


Timeline and Checkpoints




Suggest Checkpoint

  1. – 24 Nov

Three library sessions with Mr Kennedy

Session 1:  planning using storyboard and writing a script

Session 2:  finding and using information [database]

Session 3:  Citation




decide the style of your video prior to the library session


allocate a leadership role to each team member

project manager [attention to detail]: ensure all deadlines and requirements are met


Script manager [organization, creativity, logical]:  ability to turn scientific data into a piece of creative writing



video producer [creativity, computer guru]: bring words to life


Due date:   27th Nov [a quick check in class]


[IA, summative]

Minimum of three sources [1 student each]

Annotated articles [why is it useful and how it will be used]

Citation list given in MLA8 format




[Work hand in date: 

Project manager: gather all cited materials and present them as one document.


hand in on the same due date for the post project reflection form]


[Group mark: 3]

27 – 1st Dec

Writing a Script     [Class:  ionic bond vs covalent bond]



content (relevant to this project)


creativity (produce a short footage that is both educational and enjoyable to watch)



Team work (all members must take part in voice over and/or play a role in the film)



Due date: 1st Dec




[IA, Formative]

Script manager:  Upload your team’s script onto managebac before due date






[Group mark: 5]

4th – 8th Dec

Film making      

[Class: Unit 2 Test on contents covered after mid-term]


use of software and technology into learning (movie maker, quicktime, imovie, animated software (powtoon) etc)


save the video as a MP4 file


Due date:  8th Dec


[IA, summative]

Video producer:  Post MP4 video on moodle




[Group mark: 10]

11 – 15th Dec

Post Project Individual Task

[Class:  Unit 3 Making a stock solution]


  • Peer-evaluate each video you have watched

[x1 highlight and x1 suggestion]

  • Complete a 300 word post project reflection

Due date:  15th Dec


[IA, summative]

Hard copy / upload onto managebac [teacher’s preference]



[Individual mark:  12]


U2 Compound Crash Course Project Marking Sheet



Type of Assessment

Marking criteria



Summative (group)

Minimum of three sources [1 student each]

Annotated articles [why is it useful and how it will be used]

Citation list given in MLA8 format


3: Thorough, detailed, exceed the expectation [more than three sources],

citation given in MLA8 format


2: Satisfactory.  Meet all requirements


1: Below satisfactory. Limited effort, insufficient (irrelevant) sources,

    citation not given in MLA8 format











Formative (group)

content (relevant to this project)

Team work (all members took part in voice over and/or play a role in the film)






(below satisfactory)





[5] (Excellent)



Small omission

Detailed and complete

Style of dialogue


(mainly state, listing)

Attempt to make some links between application and impact

Application and Impact are well linked

Team work

Did not follow the instruction given

Fair split on work load
















Summative (group)



Mark awarded

Format, File name, and meeting the deadline  [2]

2:  all fulfilled

1:  2 of 3 fulfilled

0:  <2 fulfilled


Duration [1]

1: no more than 5 min

0: less than 3 min or longer than 6 min


Demonstrate ICT skill [2]

2: above satisfactory

1: satisfactory

0: ICT not used


Creativity [5] , 1 mark each

Scientific content    /              Audience friendly     /   Easy to follow

Language appropriate     /      Original

















Peer evaluate &


Post project reflection

Summative (individual)

Watched 3 videos and gave constructive feedback  [3]  1 mark for each

[x1 strength, x1 area to improve] 

Questions related to the videos [4]

Post project reflection [5]






Reflections are mostly descriptive

Limited degree of personal engagement

Reflections are analytical


Moderate degree of personal engagement

Reflections are evaluative


High degree of personal engagement











Total Summative mark



Teacher comment: