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Foundations Summer Projects 2024: Academic Vocabulary List


Below you can download the document that contains:

  • A full list of vocabulary words you can study in each of your selected grade 10 subjects


Academic Word List
Welcome to Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School! As you have chosen a school that has an international curriculum, you will need to adjust to a new way of study. One of the most important ways you can prepare for study at our school is to review what vocabulary you know and what you still need to know.

On the left side navigation under "Resources," you will find an Excel spreadsheet with vocabulary words recommended by our teachers as the most important for you to know as you come into high school.

Instructions: Review the words in each list based on the courses you have selected to study.

There are 5 lists in the spreadsheet: Command Terms, English, Humanities, Science, Mathematics, and the Arts.

Please review each list and make a table of words that:

1. You know well

2. You have seen before, but haven't mastered

3. You don't know at all (never seen before)

This will help you focus on which words you need to prioritize in your study. Go ahead and download the list and get started!