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Foundations Summer Projects 2022: English Summer Reading Project

COMPLETE Summer Reading Assignment (DOC)

STUDY Summer Reading Vocabulary

Dear students,

To help better prepare you for life at QDHS, our English department has prepared a set of vocabulary learning activities for you to access. Download the file below for more information on how to use these materials. See you in class!

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What am I reading this summer?

Suggested Reading and Study Schedule

Date Reading Vocabulary- Study Quizlet: Journals
July 1-3 BEFORE Reading -- Prompt 1
July 4-7 Chapters 1-5 Decks 1-5 Prompt 2.1
July 8-12 Chapters 6-11 Decks 6-11 Prompt 2.2
July 13-16 Chapters 12-16 Decks 12-16 Prompt 2.3
July 17-20 Chapters 17-20 Decks 17-20 Prompt 2.4
July 21-24 Chapters 21-24 Decks 21-24 Prompt 2.5
July 25-28 AFTER Reading -- Prompt 3